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Train Spotting in Zweibären

Railways of the Zweibären region in mid-70's give sometimes an impression like the time had stopped a decade or two earlier. The richness of railway rolling stock in the 1970's Zweibären is incomparable in whole Germany. In Zweibären one can still observe many of the historical steam locomotives which are generally thought to have retired from the active service, but still going strong in Zweibären.


Lot's of rolling stock is still in the livery of the 1950's and 1960's and understandably Zweibären and its' surroundings are a favorite holiday region for many train enthusiasts. It is not rare to see train spotters taking photos and observing the unique rolling stock along the railway lines in Zweibären region.


One can frequently spot rolling stock from neighboring countries since some of the main lines connecting Switzerland and Austria to major cities of Southern Germany are routed via Zweibären. In addition to Swiss and Austrian rolling stock, Italian, French and even Belgian trains and railway cars can be observed in Zweibären.


DB (Germany)


Steam Locomotives

BR 003 (03 1043)

A rare blue livery was used in "Blau Netz" (blue network) express trains in the 1950's. This locomotive pulls the famous Dompfeil express train and can be seen in Zweibären daily.

BR 086 (86070)

An early DB livery of this versatile locomotive that pulled mostly local trains on branch lines. Occasionally used in Zweibären - Rodach branch line.

BR 050 (50 622)

A fully restored museum locomotive stored in Zweibären Bw and used for special trains in rare occasions.

BR 050 (052 580-8)

A medium heavy freight locomotive for main and branch lines. Regular visitor in Zweibären pulling freight trains on the main line. Once in a while seen in the branch line to Rodach.

BR 010 (10 001)

A special blue livery based on design proposals requested by DB from several design companies in the 1950's. Pulls express trains via Zweibären.

BR 018 (18478)

A four cylinder express train locomotive developed originally for the Bavarian State Railways in the 1900's. Pulls regional express trains (Eilzüg) in Zweibären.

BR 074 (74 701)

Developed originally for the commuter service in Berlin region. This locomotive is stationed in Rodach and pulls passenger and freight trains between Rodach and Zweibären.

BR 038 (38 1803)

This versatile, originally Prussian, steam locomotive pulls regional express trains (Eilzüg) via Zweibären.

Diesel Locomotives

BR 260 (260 417-1)

A reliable 260 series diesel switcher in its' original red livery is stationed in Zweibären and serves in light switching work there. The locomotive pulls also occasional freight trains in Zweibären - Rodach line.

BR 221 (221 121-9)

The powerful 221 series diesel-locomotive, originally developed for fast express trains, pulls nowadays mainly freight trains since it is not equipped with electrical heating for modern passenger cars.

BR 216 (216 025-7)

One of the oldest locomotives in diesel-powered 216 series, this multipurpose locomotive is mostly seen in front of fast freight trains on mainlines. The lack of electrical passenger car heating limits the usage on passenger trains nowadays.

BR 218 (218 217-8)

Modern and fast 218-series diesel locomotive is based on 216-series and has more powerful engines. The locomotive visits Zweibären regularly pulling TEE and regular express trains.

Rail Cars

Track Maintenance Unit

A special track maintenance rail car is based on VT798 series rail car. Stationed in Zweibären.

Rail Zeppelin

Experimental, propeller-driven high speed railcar prototype from the 1930's is stored in Zweibären Bw.


Hersfelder Eisenbahn GmbH (Germany)


Diesel Locomotives

BR 216 "Lollo"

The private HEG railway bought an early, pre-series 216 diesel-locomotive from DB and it is used to pull potassium trains from Rodach mine to Zweibären.



SBB (Switzerland)


SNCB (Belgium)


ÖBB (Austria)