Zweibären - Alpine Dream in 1:220
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European Z-scale

The information on these pages is relevant to Z-scale model railways and European prototype only. If you are interested in American-style z model railways and practices, you will find more relevant resources in the links section.


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Z-scale train layout

Z-scale Info

If you are new to z-scale or model railway hobby in general, you may want to start with a short introduction to z-scale or timeline which is a brief history of the scale. You will also find here plenty of practical information of building a model railway in z-scale and of German Railway practices and other resources.


Please understand that the information provided pertains to z-scale and may or may not be applicable to other model railway scales or prototype practices.


Z-scale gallery brings you z-scale photos from around the world from various events where z-scale has been on display and of course, of Zweibären region and its' railways.